Dismas Indiza On His Kenya Open Journey

Although he is yet to claim the 50-year-old Kenya Open title or even equal Jacob Okello’s second spot finish, Dismas Indiza remain the most consistent Kenyan player in the Kenya Open now under the sponsorship of Barclays Bank for the past eight years.
Indiza, who will be 50 years on December 8 this year, has made a total of 9 cuts and missed 7 times since he started playing in the Open as a professional in 1999. And though he has had his major upsets at the par 71 Muthaiga course particularly the 13th hole which cost him a place in the money list in 2011 after firing to the water with eight iron from the blue tee, it was  Muthaiga where he has had  his best first performance in the Kenya Open.
This was in the 2002 championship where, playing for his fourth time as a pro, Indiza shot an impressive 10 under par 274 to finish in 13th tie with fellow Kenyan Jacob Okello.
“ I would have played better and probably even won if I had that experience like Jacob Okello had. I had many birdies but I also dropped many shots’’ says Indiza.
Karen Country Club course in the 2008 Kenya Open remains another memorable performance of the Mumias-based Indiza. He finished in 10th place with five under par 279 in an event, which proved tough even for those from the European Challenge Tour with the winner only managing to post 10 under par. Surprisingly though, it was the year where Kenya had the highest number of players going making the cut – a total of seven. But like many of the events where Indiza had started well, it was the final round which proved tough for him as well as Anil Shah.
“Our biggest problem has been in the final round where we usual let it go as opposed to put up a brave fight. I may not know what the problem may be for the others, but for me I think it is just stamina. I usually put everything in the first two rounds to go through the cut but after that, I realize I am with little energy to fight for the top prize ’’says Indiza.
In his own assessment, the few events local Pros participate in is partially to blame but Indiza is upbeat about this year’s preparations. This year, the local Pros are playing 72 holes in every tournament in order to give the players a chance to work on their lasting power.
“We use to have cut after two rounds in most of our 72 hole events, which I think was a mistake as it does not give you the chance to work on how best you can survive in big events like the Barclays Kenya Open,” says Indiza.
Lack of international exposure is another problem for the Kenyan pros.
“When I was under the sponsorship of Mumias, I was able to play a number of events in the Sunshine Tour and even tried the European Tour School where I missed by two shots, but it is not good enough for us to compete among ourselves. These local events are good enough to give us some practice but for us to tune ourselves to the level of such events like the Kenya Open, we need to be out there competing with the big guys’’ he adds.
Notably, Indiza only failed to participate in the Barclays Kenya Open once since turning Pro. That was in 2010 – the year that saw Ali Kimani lead in one round and gave Kenyans hope until the third and fourth rounds where he faded away to eventually finish on one under par 283 in 2oth place.
Prior to turning professional, Indiza had missed the cut as an amateur in the 1998 where Jacob Okello lost the title in a play off to finish second.